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HOUMA, La. - Kenny Matherne still feels the effects of a vicious attack last month.

'It's basically like your head is being slammed against the pavement, like I'm still being hit,' said Matherne, who is disabled.

Surveillance video shows two teens beating Matherne Nov. 11 near his Houma home, then shocking him with a stun gun before making off with his cell phone.

'I've been messed with, beat up and bullied pretty much my whole life so I'm used to it,' said Matherne.

He suffered a broken nose, black eyes and moderate head injuries from the attack.

But since that horrific armed robbery, Matherne has learned there are also people who care.

'This was the first one I got,' said Matherne, showing our cameras a letter he received. 'It says, 'Thoughts to cheer you.'

A few letters have arrived, with hundreds of dollars in gift cards to Walmart.

'I needed that a lot. It helped out with my food and everything and I just really appreciated that,' said Matherne.

One of the most special gifts is a brand new bike, donated by a complete stranger out of Kenner. Matherne said he rides it at least twice a day. Because he has epilepsy and can't drive, it's his main mode of transportation.

'It's nice. I love it. I go everywhere with it,' said Matherne

And now, Matherne feels safer knowing that police have captured his alleged attackers.

17-year-old Drake Mobley and 19-year-old Tre Paul Britton are charged with armed robbery and second-degree battery. Police say Mobley has confessed.

'I'm happy we're able to bring this to a close, not only for Mr. Matherne, but also for the entire community because I think this actually crippled the entire community for people to see something so horrific,' said Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis.

'Before a lot of people I didn't think they cared about me, they didn't want me around or nothing, and now everybody's crying,' said Matherne.

Police are still searching for at least two others in connection with the crime. Police believe they were waiting in the getaway car and face charges of accessory after the fact.

If you have any information that could help, call Houma Police at (985) 873-6371.

The Houma Police Department will also forward any donations for Matherne along to him. You can send them c/o Kenny Matherne, 500 Honduras Street, Houma, LA 70360.

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