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NEW ORLEANS -- A day after an attorney with the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office was thrown in jail Thursday by Criminal Court Judge Frank Marullo, a contempt hearing was held for Chris Bowman, who also serves as the district attorney's spokesman and was arrested for contempt of court for violating a gag order in a murder case.

Bowman, however, didn't appear for the hearing before Judge Marullo. The DA's office refused the contempt subpoena for Bowman, saying he was on vacation. Marullo was forced to reset the case for Jan. 21.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman was also called to the hearing, as Marullo got the sheriff to agree to uphold his orders.

Bowman was quoted about the case in Thursday morning's edition of The New Orleans Advocate. When Bowman showed up in Marullo's court Thursday, he was ordered into custody.

Sources say that late Thursday night, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal overturned Marullo's ruling and ordered Bowman to be released.

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