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It was a rude awakening for residents on a Central City street, when police arrived because windshields had been smashed on three vehicles parked along one block. Neighbors are angry.

'I thought it was terrible, I really do,' said one neighbor. 'I think it is absolutely terrible, and it is happening often.'

'I said oh no not again, not again,' said another neighbor. 'It's tried our patience. This can push you to your limit.'

One neighbor's security system caught a man walking down the street on one camera, then he can be seen on another camera jumping onto a truck, and smashing its windshield with his feet, before running away.

'I didn't know what to think,' he asked. 'Why me?'

But neighbors and New Orleans police confirm this is the fifth incident since last March, and that 11 windshields have been smashed in the same neighborhood.

Security video caught the second incident in April.

'Now here he comes,' said the neighbor as he watched the video. 'I don't even know him. Jumps up on the car, kicks in, several times. I'm shocked, You can't believe you're looking at what you're looking at.'

Police say one man was arrested last spring, and was committed to a mental hospital. Now, after the fifth incident, vehicle owners have big repair bills.

'We're talking over $1000 I've had to pay throughout last year on windshields,' he said.

Even as these windshields were being repaired, neighbors were looking to the police department for help. They don't want to see this happen again.

'People will do anything today, just about, I think so, I really do,' said a neighbor. 'Police are investigating. That's good, and I hope they find out who did this.'

Late this afternoon, New Orleans police issued a municipal arrest warrant for a man named Sandra Carson, who is 33-years-old. He is wanted on three charges of criminal damage to property.

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