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LaPLACE, La. The search continues for two suspects accused of Wednesday's deadly shooting at an animal feed store.

Sheriff Mike Tregre says his investigators have a good idea who is responsible for killing 63-year-old Steve Finckbeiner and wounding his wife Constance.

It was a crime that sent shock waves around LaPlace's small river community. Tregre said that it is only a matter of time before the men responsible are behind bars.

Surveillance video showed two men leaving the feed store shortly after the shooting.

One man is in a red jacket, he is followed by a man carrying what appears to be the robbed store's cash register.

'We are asking the citizens to give us that information, to give us that phone call so we can bring this puzzle, this homicide, to bring this case to an end, so the victim, Steve Finckbeiner, can obtain justice.'

One of Finckbeiner's sons said his mother had been released from the hospital and was recovering.

Tregre also released more information about what led up to the shooting. He said two men entered the store around 2:30 pm Wednesday and struck up a conversation with the Finckbeiners about dog shots. They were apparently turned away.

'They exited the LaPlace Feed store, but returned immediately, which we believe was a ruse or disguise and the plan to rob the store itself,' said Tregre. 'Once they came in a second time, that when the robbery started.'

The LaPlace community has rallied around the Finckbeiners.

Reverend Donald August from the Rising Star Baptist Church is organizing a vigil in front of the feed store.

'Their connection with so many of the older residents here in LaPlace is very evident,' said Tregre. 'They've always been pleasant, always been easy to get along with and have been good fixtures in the community, good people.'

Two men were questioned late into the night Tuesday, but were not arrested due to lack of evidence. Tregre said that while the men were released, they were not cleared.

If you have any information that can help solve this crime call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111.

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