NEWORLEANS-Bond was set at $400,000 for the man accused of raping two women along with former Saints player Darren Sharper last September.

At a court appearance Friday, Erik Nunez's bond was set at $200,000 for each of the two alleged victims. Prosecutors asked for $1 million bond ($500,000 per victim), while the defense asked for a total of $50,000 bond.

A preliminary hearing in the case was set for March 21.

Nunez's attorney, Herbert Larson, maintained his client has done nothing wrong.

'We don't know if we can meet the bond and that's why we were disappointed that it was set so high,'he said. 'We don't think there's any evidence whatsoever in this case that connects our client to a crime. We believe an innocent person is being held in jail on a ridiculously high bond for no reason.'

Arrest warrant applications issued by the New Orleans Police Department recently shed new light on rape allegations against former NFL Network Analyst Darren Sharper and Nunez. The narratives show a similar pattern to other rape allegations made against Sharper in four other states.

The NOPD applied for aggravated rape warrants against the two men last week. In the applications, the detective says the two alleged victims told him they were substantially impaired by an 'unknown substance to a degree that they don't remember all of the sexual intercourse.'

Both victims reported waking up from a stupor disoriented with Darren Sharper nude on top of them.

'The NOPD arrest warrant clearly shows that there's an independent witness who was an acquaintance of the accused, Darren Sharper, and Erik Nunez who walked in,' said WWL-TV legal analyst Donald 'Chick' Foret.

The detective says in the warrant that the acquaintance told them when he entered Sharper's apartment with an authorized key card, Sharper was in his boxer shorts and Nunez walked out of Sharper's bedroom also wearing his boxer shorts.

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