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LORANGER, La. -- As if two days of helicopters and several law enforcement agencies fanning out around Guy Sisco's property wasn't unnerving enough, Friday afternoon really got interesting for the Loranger resident when the wanted man he'd been seeing on TV walked right up his driveway.

'He had one hand in his pocket and the other hand was out like this,' Sisco said, 'and I said show me your hand, and he put his hand up like this.'

Sisco said Christopher Ricker, an alleged escapee from a St. Tammany work release program, was wearing a black shirt, khaki pants and no shoes, but didn't look or act like he had allegedly climbed a fence at the Covington facility, kidnapped an ex-girlfriend, crashed her car into a Tangipahoa sheriff's unit and had supposedly been hiding under a log along the river.

'I tried to reason with him to give up,' Sisco said. 'And I told my girlfriend Gloria, I said Gloria, call 911. So she did and they had them on the phone and he said, 'Why you calling 911?''

Sisco said that's when Ricker took off across his property and where the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office says their search finally ended five hours later.

'Saw him, gave him verbal commands to not resist and turn himself in and he ran,' said Sheriff Daniel Edwards. 'I know the St. Tammany deputies unleashed their K-9 at that time and the K-9 made the apprehension.'

Ricker is still recovering from injuries during that apprehension in a New Orleans hospital. He is expected to be released in a few days.

Meanwhile, Sisco said he's glad to have been a part of bringing calm back to his community.

'I just wanted the boy to turn himself in and put an end to it and stop this community from having to worry,' he said.

Ricker faces charges of simple escape in St. Tammany Parish, along with second-degree kidnapping and felony theft of a vehicle in Covington.

However, Tangipahoa Parish will book him first on attempted first-degree murder of an officer and aggravated flight. Detectives are still working on other possible charges stemming from claims made by the abducted woman.

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