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MANDEVILLE, La. -- A letter from state Rep. Tim Burns to Command Construction, out of Metairie, is a strong and a clear warning.

It's in regard to what Burns, R-Mandeville, describes as 'dissatisfaction with the pace of work' on the widening project along Hwy. 190 in Mandeville.

The construction started last April and was supposed to be done this April, but numerous issues have delayed the project over and over.

In the meantime, businesses and residents affected by the work have thrown up their hands.

'It's terrible,' said Lloyd Reid. 'Trying to come in with all the pot holes, particularly yesterday with all of the rain.'

'I went to the CVS next door yesterday,' said N'Tini's owner Mark Benfatti. 'They're down 30 percent, I'm down. Everybody in this shopping center, these poor people down here by Blue Harbor and Firestone, they haven't even started work in front of them, yet they tore the road up four or five months ago.'

Burns put those complaints in his letter, saying the crews are undermanned and the company shows little regard for their effects on the area. Burns then said if he didn't get a detailed plan to finish the work timely, and fully staffed, he would look into legal action.

The company told Eyewitness News, through a DOTD spokesperson, that they had already responded to Burns' request. As to what that response entails, we weren't told.

Those affected say they appreciate the effort, but Benfatti said it's 'probably a little too, little too late.

'We need to get this project moving,' he said.

Fingers are crossed, regardless.

The DOTD did not have a comment for this story. Command Construction never directly returned our call for comment.

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