HARAHAN, La. - Both men in the race for Harahan Police Chief have name recognition in the city. Tim Walker served on the city council.

'Things in the metropolitan area have changed post-Katrina,' said Walker. 'We've had a few problems in Harahan in recent months. I think there needs to be more involvement between the public and police working together.'

Peter Dale was Harahan Police Chief for eight years. 'People in Harahan are talking more and more about the crime that's occurring,' said Dale. 'I told my wife my kids and my grand kids live here and I want to keep it safe for them like it was when my kids grew up.'

Both men are seeking to fill the unexpired term of former Police Chief Mac Dickinson. He resigned last year to take a job with the state police. Walker got 40 percent of the vote on the first ballot to Dale's 29 percent.

Both candidates are former New Orleans Police Officers. 'Tim does not have the experience,' said Dale. 'He's been out of law enforcement for 30 years. You better be a policeman to be the chief of police. You have to know how to deploy people. You got to know the techniques and strategies for crime. You got to know how to stop it.'

Walker says Dale's tenure as police chief had its moments of controversy. 'They had some scandals during his administration,' said Walker. 'I'm all about accountability, transparency and I believe I can bring something better to the table.'

In 2011, former Harahan Police Officer Carol Ney, pleaded guilty to pocketing federal overtime pay for work she didn't do.

'My opponent put out a thing saying that I was investigated by the FBI, which he knows is not true,' said Dale. 'The FBI never asked me one single question.'

Both candidates are touting their experience. 'I believe Harahan, being the small community it is, there are a lot of things that I learned over the years that can be implemented here to make it a stronger, better, more safer community,' said Walker.

'When I was the chief last time, the office ran well,' said Dale. 'We were the first administration in 20 years to come in budget, we stayed in budget. We were ranked the number one safest city in Louisiana.' Polls are open Saturday 7am to 8pm.

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