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NEWORLEANS- Lakeview has transformed into a vibrant neighborhood since Katrina.

But many streets are in horrible shape, with broken concrete forming small mountains and deep valleys.

This week the 'Fix My Street' signs appeared when developer Robert Lupo got fed up.

'My son had to get rid of the nice sedan he had, and buy an SUV, just in order to make it to his house,' explained Lupo. 'There's no street there.'

Lupo says residents who are demanding the city repair the roads like the signs.

'Literally I was mobbed after the meeting,' Lupo said. 'I had them in my wife's SUV. We gave almost 100 of them out then, and now our office phone is ringing off the hook.'

'Show us you really care,' said Lakeview Resident Ray Bergeron. 'We pay the taxes. I mean property taxes out here are off the charts. I don't think we're getting anything for it.'

Lupo said he wants help from City officials.

'There's zero of those projects have been accomplished,' said Lupo. 'Zero have even been started, and there's 38 pages of repairs that are listed in that website in Lakeview alone.'

'It's just embarrassing,' said Lakeview resident Pat O'Hara. 'You feel like you can't invite the people that you want to invite over unless they have an off road vehicle. I'm going to get my sign.'

Robert Lupo said the Fix My Street campaign is just beginning, and that he and other Lakeview residents are determined to get the City to take action, because situations like this are just intolerable. Look, there's been water in this hole so long algae's growing.

'This neighbborhood won't go away,' said Lupo. 'We're going to drive home this point.'

The signs are available at Lupo's office at 145 Robert E. Lee Boulevard, or call 283-3421.

A spokesman for the mayor said $6 million has already been spent on Lakeview streets, with $21 million more budgeted for street work scheduled to begin this fall and be completed in 2016.

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