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HARAHAN, La. David Perrier has been a custom cabinet maker for more than three decades and he has delivered on some pretty large jobs, but, sometimes it's the smaller ones that have the most impact.

His cabinet team at Perrier helped design and build the 55 bid boxes that each of the NFL team owners received in Atlanta this week. It was designed to look like a book. The 'pages' were a Spanish cedar and the cover was maple.

Custom laser etching that was complete with every owner's name was also done locally at Papa's Woodshop in River Ridge, making the 'book' a local product from beginning to end.

'The men actually put their craftsmanship into it and they got them done and they were really proud of doing it,' said Perrier.

David Perrier and his team knew exactly what to expect when they got the call to build the box for the 2018 bid box for the 2018 Super Bowl because they also got the call back in 2008 for the Super Bowl bid that New Orleans won for the 2013 game.

That winning box carried the bids, artwork and the story of why New Orleans would be the best Super Bowl city. This year's box contained an iPad, flash drives and a little more high-tech. David knew the owners wanted to see something memorable from New Orleans.

'The owners, I'm sure might be expecting something unique,' he said. 'So, each and every time we have to be creative and step up.'

Working with graphic design artists it took weeks to come up with the concept and a day and a half to turn out just one of the boxes a time consuming labor of love.

Perrier made 55 boxes in all, one for each of the 32 owners and several co-owners.

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