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NEW ORLEANS -- A Lafayette man finished his 25-mile swim across Lake Pontchartrain, making the solo swim from the West End lighthouse to Mandeville overnight.

Beginning at 9 p.m. Wednesday, 47-year-old Matt Mosley arrived on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain just before 12 p.m Thursday. The aquatic challenge was to highlight restoration efforts by the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.

Mosley was greeted by supporters and cheers as he emerged from the water. When asked how he felt, Mosley smiled and said, 'I'm really tired. I'm hungry. My feet hurt,'

Swimming half the distance of the lake before, Mosley had decided this was something he had to cross off his bucket list.

Mosley's support team consisted of fellow swimmers, local musicians, a documentary film crew and most importantly his coach, who was on-board one of two boats closely monitoring the swim across the lake.

Mosley said the water was mostly calm during the swim, but it became choppy early Thursday morning.

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