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NEW ORLEANS -- Because of thieves, the city has to start over in its efforts to find and trap the coyotes that live and hunt in City Park.

The city's Homeland Security office, Mosquito Control and NOPD, have been working to remove the coyotes that are hunting prey in City Park and lakefront neighborhoods.

But people, not animals, are making it difficult.

Just two weeks ago, all of the camera equipment and humane traps put out to catch and remove the coyotes were stolen, says a city spokesman.

You may remember our reports of close encounters. There was a pet dog being attacked and killed as prey in City Park, Labrador retrievers chasing one in a Lake Terrace backyard and one hunting in Lake Vista as children played nearby.

At the time of our last report, the Recovery School District said it was responsible for the vacant modular units that were once the coyote den at the old Kennedy High School site. The district had bushes trimmed and fences mended, but was not able to trap the coyotes.

The RSD began working with police, the city and City Park on a solution, saying the modular units would be moved in early June.

But nine years after Hurricane Katrina, the temporary classrooms are still there.

We talked to the RSD, City Park and Mosquito Control, all groups that have had some involvement in getting rid of the trailers and the coyotes. They all lead us to the city, specifically the Office of Homeland Security.

We were told by the city Lt. Col. Jerry Sneed, deputy mayor for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, was unavailable Monday. A city spokesman said the trailers are still the RSD's responsibility. The RSD did not call us back.

So questions remain unanswered about the delay of the removal of the modular units.

The city put out more cameras to find where the coyotes are living now, since they appear to have moved in City Park.

If you spot one, call NOPD at 504-821-2222.

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