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In New Orleans, where musical roots run deep, unfortunately, on some nights crime tends to run even deeper. Thursday night, a young musician from Edna Karr High School was on his way home from band practice when he had a run in with an armed robber. It happened in the 4900 block of Berkley Drive in Algiers.

Police say a man grabbed the 14-year old and demanded his trombone. The boy was able to wriggle free of the man's grip. He dropped his horn, ran off and heard at least three gun shots. The robber picked up the trombone and took off in a black SUV.

The crime sent shockwaves through the neighborhood.

'My granddaughter Sophie came running in. She said, 'Someone's shooting outside,'' said Barbara Lamouranne. 'I jumped up. My husband jumped up. We came outside and the little boy was running down the street.'

'Over a musical instrument, that's just no bueno,' said Anthony Nelson. 'That's just no bueno. That makes no sense.'

'I have two daughters myself and I can't imagine someone coming up to them and trying to steal something from them,' said Jessica Nelson.

The teenager was not injured. His mother said he chose the trombone because he wanted to be like New Orleans musician Troy 'Trombone Shorty ' Andrews.

Andrews is on tour, but heard about the robbery. 'Music is the heartbeat of the city and here's this kid simply walking home from band practice with a trombone, trying to do something and have a positive future with music, what ever it may be and someone wants to take his instrument from him,' said Andrews. 'That's just totally unacceptable.'

Andrews is now replacing the teen's horn.

'It just saddened me a bit and I just called my team at home with my foundation and I simply told them we need to replace this kid's horn,' he said.

Andrews had some advice for the young musician: 'Stay strong and he'll have a horn soon from me and continue to play music and we're looking forward to hearing him play one day. He can join me whenever or I'll go join him at school and play.'

The robber was described as an African-American male, approximately 25 years old, 5-feet-8, 250 pounds, heavy set, with medium brown complexion, a short-low fade hairstyle, full beard and a mustache. He was wearing a white tank top t-shirt and camouflage pants. The vehicle he driving was described as a black Chevrolet SUV with tinted windows, a silver grill, and silver rims with thin tires. The vehicle was occupied by possibly five people including the subject. The trombone was described as having a gold finish which bore a hand engraved serial number #PR2214.

If you have any information about this crime, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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