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The Super Bowl may have come and gone, but the celebration is here to stay.Tuesday evening Saints players, coaches, friends, and family members will roll through the heart of the Crescent City in their very own parade.

Artists worked through the evening Monday to put the final touches on what will soon be the fleet of Saints parade floats.

'My grandma likes to say my first words were bless you boys,' said Alex Sherrod, a sculptor at Mardi Gras World.'This has been the year of my life seeing my favorite team reach the highest pinnacle of sports.'

In honor of the Saints Super Bowl success, the people of New Orleans will celebrate the best way they know how---with a parade, throws and all.Just don't expect a whole lot of black and gold give aways seeing as how Saints fans have picked the area clean of merchandise.

'Frankly, at this point in the game a lot of that stuff might already be gone,' said Barry Kern, president of Kern Studios/Mardi Gras World.'So they'll be throwing beads and I understand they might even be throwing footballs.'

The floats are courtesy of nine different Mardi Gras krewes from Caesar to Alla, Zulu to Rex.And Muse's high heel is, of course, reserved for none other than the team's kicker.

It adds up to 9 different floats, 12 if you count the 4 parts of the Orpheus train.

'There's a lot of different personalities,' said Mark Olivier, Mardi Gras World prop shop manager.'They're all coming together just kinda like the whole city is doing right now.'

Tuesday's parade starts at 5pm at the Superdome.Click here for a map of the route.

'It's really hard to give a number, but we're looking at probably in excess of 50,000 or 60,000 people or greater,' said Marlon Defillo, New Orleans Police Department Assistant Superintendent.

As a result, the New Orleans Police Department plans on deploying up to 500 officers along the parade route and within the French Quarter.

Over at Gallier Hall, crews are still working on the parade stands so fans can catch a glimpse of the magic.

Artists back at Mardi Gras world cannot believe they're a part of it.

'It's a monumental task all these people working together,' said Katherine Laughry, a Mardi Gras World sculptor.'I never thought I'd be hear doing something so great.'
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