NEW ORLEANS The city of New Orleans Internet service, e-mail service and web site along with those of the NOPD, fire department and EMS were all down for several hours Tuesday morning after a source said the company that provides those services shut down the city's account for non-payment.

The services from Level 3 Communications were down from around 9 a.m. until sometime around 2 p.m. The source did not say how much money the city owed on its account, only that it was 'significant.'

Late Tuesday, in response to questions, city spokeswoman Lesley Eugene produced a statement from city technology director Harrison Boyd.

'The city of New Orleans has received a number of media inquiries concerning today's internet service outage. The city has worked with Level 3 Communications, which provides the service, to restore the services,' the statement read. 'The two have worked to resolve the problem and are now investigating the reasons for the outage,' according to Boyd's brief statement.

City spokespeople would not address any of the other questions about the outage. Level 3 Communications likewise did not offer a comment on the cause of the outage.

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