Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys were one of 12 NFL teams to not see a decrease in value over the past year.

Tom Benson can say the same thing about his New Orleans Saints.

But he has one thing Jones does not the 2009 Lombardi Trophy.

According to's annual team rankings according to worth published Wednesday evening, the Cowboys are worth $1.8 billion, a 9 percent increase over 2009.

The Saints, meanwhile, saw their worth rise 1 percent to $955 million and have an operating income of $36.7 million.

The Saints and Cowboys are two of only five teams to see their one-year value change positively. Seven others stayed flat. The rest of the league went south.

New Orleans can hang its hat on many things in this year's ranking.

General Manager Mickey Loomis is considered one of the top 10 GMs, bringing a 28-20 three-year record and a Super Bowl to the franchise by putting together a roster that has cost the organization $363.5 million, second-highest in the NFL.

In regard to local TV ratings, the Saints lead the country in market ratings penetration.

And according to Forbes, the Super Bowl has reinvigorated interest from national companies looking to put their name on the Superdome.

Benson bought the franchise in 1985 for $70 million.

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