HOUSTON Two teenagers were charged Tuesday with illegal racing in a crash that killed a mother and her two children.

Authorities said 17-year-old Christopher Yovino and 18-year-old Brett Taylor were racing on September 27 near the 7300 block of North Gessner when Yovino, who was driving more than 90 mph, slammed into a vehicle containing 37-year-old Mayra Torres and her children, 14-year-old Christopher Nuno and 6-year-old Katia Nuno.

Torres and her son died at the scene. Her daughter died two days later.

A witness said Taylor appeared visibly upset at the time.

'We were racing and going so fast,' Taylor told the witness. 'I was right next to him and he couldn't stop and he hit them.'

According to authorities, an investigation of the crash data showed Yovino was going 93 mph one second before the accident and 81 mph just before impact. An analysis of the data also showed Yovino's accelerator was pushed down 100 percent immediately before braking, which authorities said is consistent with accounts of racing.

Yovino and Taylor were charged with felony fatality racing and were released after posting bond.

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