NEW ORLEANS New Orleans Police released information late Saturday on six suspects they are seeking in connection with the Fridaymurder of a French Quarter bartender on Canal St.

A police spokesman waited until after 11:30 p.m. Saturday to email media outlets a news release with the information on six men homicide detectives are seeking. They are wanted in connection with the death of Earl Wheeler, 21, the Pat O'Brien's bartender who was shot Friday morning near Canal and Dauphine, the news release said.

Police said surveillance cameras in the area identified the six unknown African-American men.The cameras were located inside the Krystal restaurant at 116 Bourbon; the IHOP restaurant, one block away, at 833 Canal; and The Athlete's Foot store, a short distance away, at 1010 Canal.

The initial investigation showed that Wheeler, who had left work at Pat O'Brien's, was the passenger in a car which was involved in some sort of altercation with a pedestrian.It appears Wheeler got out of the car and was shot, police said.He died later at a local hospital.

After the shooting, at approximately 3:27 a.m., police said footage showed the six men running north on Canal St. to vehicles parked in front of 1010 Canal, outside The Athlete's Foot store.

Police are basing most of their descriptions of the six suspects on footage taken from a surveillance camera at the Krystal restaurant, though the news release did not say what time that footage was taken.

Police describe the first suspect as wearing a green, Polo-style collared shirt with a multi colored design on the upper left portion, blue jeans, and a backwards, navy blue New York Yankee baseball cap.

The second suspect is described as wearing a white shirt with an unknown type of design on the front. He has a long dreadlock hairstyle and is seen wearing a red baseball cap with a white symbol, police said.

A third suspect is wearing a light-colored shirt with an unknown logo on the front, and a baseball cap turned backwards. Police also said it appeared the suspect was wearing a necklace, possibly a rosary bead around his neck.

The fourth suspect was wearing a black shirt with a large, gold-colored square on the front of the shirt.

The fifth man was wearing a black shirt with an unknown type of white logo on the upper left portion of the shirt and black pants. Police said large 'bold white letters' are visible on the back of the shirt.He has a shoulder length dreadlock hairstyle and was also wearing a necklace, possibly a rosary bead.

The sixth and final suspect is wearing a black shirt, with some sort of logo on the bottom left portion of the shirt and gray pants. He is also seen wearing his baseball cap backwards, police said.

Police describe two vehicles the men were seen running to, parked in front of The Athlete's Foot store.One is described as a white Mazda; the other, a light-colored older model Nissan Maxima.Police said the Maxima was seen making an illegal right turn onto University Place, and the driver almost struck another vehicle as he sped off.The second car, believed to be the white Mazda, also made an illegal left turn onto University Place, according to police.

Police ask anyone with information on the suspects to call Crimestoppers at 504.822.1111.Callers can remain anonymous and could earn a cash reward for information in the case.
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