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In recent weeks, the world watched as young people brought down Egypt's military government. No one, not even the CIA, saw it coming, and it took only 18 days to succeed.

Think about that: young people, yearning for freedom and democracy, toppled a tyrant who had been in power for 30 years. And they did it without massive bloodshed, in just 18 days.

What's even more remarkable is how they did it - not with machine guns and mortars, but with a cell phone.

Instead of shooting, they blogged. Instead of firebombing, they Facebooked. Instead of terrorizing, they Tweeted. And every one of them, thanks to a cell phone camera, was also a journalist, giving the world immediate - and accurate - updates.

And the world responded. In less than three weeks, Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office. And in other corners of the Middle East, similar movements are taking hold.

We don't know yet what kind of government will replace Mubarak, but we do know that today's revolutionaries don't need guns and mortars.

They just need cell phones and Internet access.

Now that's a revolution.

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