Statement from Senator A.G. Crowe and Representative Alan Seabaugh:

The issue of the President's birth certificate has been dominant and time-consuming since it was first raised in 2008 and we are pleased that he finally decided it was important to release his birth certificate.

Since the vast majority of the public throughout the United States and within the state of Louisiana (substantiated by polls) has expressed a significant amount of concern about this issue, many citizens (including constituents in our legislative districts) insisted that legislation be introduced that would avoid similar future time-consuming conflicts in the future.

Protecting the legitimacy of our constitutional form of government should be important to all Americans. Although our time needs to be spent on pressing issues such as the budget deficit and other matters, the public has demanded that we address this issue now. The questions raised by this issue led us to discover certain 'loopholes' in current Louisiana election law. Our bill addresses and corrects those important issues.

Although we anticipated attacks by certain members of the media, we moved forward listening to the demands of our constituents. For those individuals that have chosen to believe the 'spin' put out there, here is the reason for the legislation: The Constitution vests the states with exclusive authority in determining the manner in which the state casts its electoral votes. Currently, Louisiana law does not require that the states electoral votes go to a candidate that meets the constitutional qualifications for president. Our proposed legislation closes this loophole.

Again, we are pleased that the president finally released a copy of his birth certificate. However, as we have said from the beginning of this process, this is not about the president. It is about fixing Louisiana election law. Had similar laws been on the books in every state prior to 2008, costly and time consuming litigation against numerous states could have been avoided, thereby freeing up those states' dollars to be put to better use. Our message has been the same since we began this effort. We look forward to moving forward with this important legislation this session because we want to prevent this time-consuming and confusing issue from presenting itself again.

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