Paul Murphy / Eyewitness News

MYRTLEGROVE,La. - A stretch of Belle Chasse Highway is under water in Plaquemines Parish south of Myrtle Grove.

Water pushed in by Tropical Storm Lee over-topped the back levees then the highway.

The flooding stranded a herd of cattle, caught in a pasture as the water rushed in.

'They're going to have to swim to get to the road, but we're not going to let them die,' said Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser

An airboat later herded the cattle to higher ground.

Public works crews rolled out plastic tubes full of water to keep LA-23 from flooding.

But, the so called 'tiger dams' didn't work and Eyewitness News was there as water splashed across the roadway.

The highway is now closed south of Myrtle Grove. The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office is directing traffic to a bypass road to the Mississippi River Levee and around the flooding.

'It's come up a lot more than we expected,' said Nungesser. 'We're trying to fight it here on the highway. We tried to get this road raised with submerged road money after Katrina and we were unsuccessful.'

The state Department of Transportation is now dumping dirt on the highway in an attempt to build a temporary dam, so the parish can reopen LA-23.

:Ah, man it's getting ridiculous down here man,' said dump truck driver Shelton Duplessis. 'We're trying to put rocks and stuff on the levee, but we're not going to be able to get them on the levee because the road is so messed up. It's flooding out here, you know.'

Eric Yancovich walked about a mile through the high water to get to his camp near Mrytle Grove.

'I just got to get to the camp to raise up some furniture,' said Yancovich. 'You realize it comes up. You lift the camp if you can, you know. You deal with it every time.'

Nungesser says the Army Corps of Engineers was supposed to raise about 34 miles of levees to help keep the area from flooding.

'It's slated to be in the federal system and here we are flood fighting again, year after year waiting for that construction to start,' said Nungesser.

The parish is now working around the clock to clear LA-23.

An evacuation shelter is set up at the Belle Chasse school for people who can't make it to their homes in south Plaquemines.

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