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NEW ORLEANS -- As students from his namesake high school sang, a horse-drawn funeral carriage carried the body of Archbishop Philip Hannan out of Notre Dame seminary.

'It was beautiful. It really was,' remarked Sandra Smith, as the cortege traveled down Carrollton Avenue.

Archbishop Hannan was the 11th person to hold that title in New Orleans, but for many here he remained the 'People's Archbishop' well into his retirement.

'Perfect people person -- that's what I think of him,' said Ronnie Ponthieux, who traveled from Folsom to pay his respects.

'I think he'll be remembered most for his heart,' said Angela Lucius. 'He was definitely a giver and he just loved serving people.'

The St. Augustine High School Marching 100 led the way, while Hannan's family members and clergy followed by car and on foot, walking the four miles to what will eventually be his final resting place at St. Louis Cathedral.

'I feel like he was an angel on Earth, and I feel like he's already a saint,' said Julida Diaz Barard.

Hundreds of people lined the route, including students from Catholic schools around the metro area and local Catholics who grew up under the Archbishop's guidance.

'So charismatic, so full of love, so kind,' said Fay Ponthieux. 'He always went out of anybody's way to do or help anyone he could.'

People who are not Catholic were drawn to the procession as well.

'He was just a loving person. I'm not a Catholic, but I have followed Hannan everywhere I went,' said Dorothy Carter. 'I just feel it was a historical moment that I wanted to be a part of.'

'I'm a baptist myself, but I think he was a wonderful man,' said Mickey Edwards. 'A blessed man and I just feel blessed to be in his presence today.'

It is a day that many witnessing the procession said would be as memorable to them, as the man they came to honor.

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