Brees, Saints talks slow down, still hopeful
For months now, we've heard that the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees are in negotiations for a new contract. And for months now, it seems like it has been nothing but bad news the two sides are far apart, the two sides have broken talks for the time-being, etc.

Reuters' Simon Evans said there's still hope from Brees that a deal will get done sooner rather than later, but that right now, the quarterback is concerned with only playing the game, allowing his agent Tom Condon and Saints general manager Mickey Loomis to do the bidding.

However, Evans says, 'should a deal not be done by the end of the season, the Saints would almost certainly put a franchise tag on Brees a move which would bind him to the team for another year and avoid the risk of him becoming a free agent.'

Evans writes that Brees wants to remain in the Crescent City for the rest of his career. Saints fans would agree.

Colts on wrong path since Super Bowl XLIV
You know the old cliche 'What a difference a year makes'? That's the one Indianapolis is living, only it's what a difference two years makes.

The last time Indianapolis and New Orleans met, the Saints won their first-ever Super Bowl.

Indianapolis Star Colts beat writer Mike Chappell writes that Sunday night's game 'serves as a reminder of how quickly and dramatically things can change.'

Colts safety Antoine Bethea told Chappell, 'It's not all peaches and cream. It's football, man. We've been blessed here to have some good years, but this is the other side of it. We've got to fight our way through it, keep our heads high. Eventually it'll turn around.'

Chappell writes the Colts have lost several winnable games, including this past Sunday against Cincinnati. He says 26 players from Super Bowl XLIV are still on the team.

Power rankings seemingly a bit flawed
One of the website I absolutely adore and go to religiously is Advanced NFL Stats, a blog founded by and written by Brian Burke, an ex-Navy man who knows math way better than I do.

And this post he wrote on Monday is one to read.

We all love power rankings, Burke writes, because 'there's not much football going on during the week, so fans need something to chew on.'

Burke's rankings are a bit different as they try to take the randomness out of the game, leaving some interesting results, such as having a 2-2 team ranked No. 1 heading into Week 6.

Other than a couple of teams and a couple of games here and there, Burke said each game is basically a toss-up, writing, 'the real NFL isn't too far off from the National Coin Flip League. Certainly there are better and worse teams, but there is also a randomness.'

Very interesting read and very interesting site.

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