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SLIDELL, La. -- St. Tammany deputies arrested three men who call themselves aspiring rappers for a series of home and car burglaries near Slidell.

19-year-old David Faciane of Slidell, 18-year-old Don Chauvin of Houma and 17-year-old Chris Lopez of Panama City, Florida are all charged with two counts of home burglary and four counts of vehicle burglaries, and investigators expect more charges to come.

St. Tammany deputes arrested the threesome as they exited a home in the Coin du Lestin subdivision near Slidell. According to detectives, the threesome attempted to break into numerous homes and cars along Legendre Drive late Sunday night.

'That's really scary,' said Shannon Luebbe, who believes the three men were under her raised home in the early morning hours Monday. 'That's really scary because things like that don't happen in this neighborhood.'

'I just worry about, what if they came in the house?' asked Legendre Drive neighbor Bob Tewell. 'Is my life in danger? Am I supposed to get a gun and shoot them?'

The three triggered a silent alarm when entering a home on Legendre Drive, and when deputies arrived, they noticed the back door open and the perpetrators inside, according to Cpt. George Bonnett of the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office. Deputies waited outside for the three men to exit the home, according to detectives.

'I think they were surprised when they came out of the house,' Bonnett said.

According to investigators, the three men confessed to at least some of the burglaries, and also bragged to investigators about their rap videos.

'It is unusual,' Bonnett said. 'I've not seen it before, but we pulled it up on line, and sure enough, there it was.'

The St. Tammany Sheriff's Office provided a link to the Youtube video, which you can see here.

The threesome are also wanted for similar crimes in the Panama City area, and investigators from Florida are expected to come to St. Tammany in interview the suspects.

'They met there (in Florida), decided to form this rap group,' Bonnett said. 'Cut some videos while they were there. We believe they stole a vehicle there. Drove it here, and then committed the burglaries here in St. Tammany Parish.'

All three are now inside the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

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