Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen said he was somewhat joking but stands by comments he made on a radio show last week where he said he doesn't go out in New Orleans.

'I said, on my radio show, as a joke, there are two places I don't go out, (Detroit and New Orleans)'Allen reiterated on Wednesday on a conference call with members of the New Orleans media. 'It's nothing against the people of New Orleans at all. The drive from the airport isn't the prettiest drive... it's all abandoned buildings and burnt down buildings.'

Last week Allen said the following to KFANradio in Detroit.

New Orleans looks like I'm driving through a third-world country every time I get off the plane, I'm like, 'Oh, flak jacket.' I'm trying to get down. I'm like, 'Ah, crap, I can't carry my gun here. This sucks.''

Asked if he could understand why people had their feelings hurt about the comments, Allen responded. 'I guess. It wasn't directed towards any person in general, it was more about the drive from the airport to the hotel. It's not the greatest.

'They were little jokes, little satire. I didn't realize so many people were going to get their feelings hurt over it.'

In a story on, Allen said he did apologize to the people of New Orleans and said he loves to eat gumbo, but has it delivered to the hotel.

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