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METAIRIE, La. ― It's not that Saints receiver Lance Moore scours the internet looking for the latest dance craze to sweep across America.

But in many ways, at the pace Moore is scoring touchdowns right now, he might have to begin spending hours searching YouTube for his next fan-friendly shuffle.

Monday night against Atlanta, he hopes to unveil his latest touchdown dance.

'I'd like to,' Moore said. 'I've always got something in the back of my mind and hopefully this will be one of those games that I get another opportunity. If not, hopefully my guys have something for me.'

His most recent touchdown dance is called 'The Groove,' and it set off countless posts on websites all over.

YouTube is packed with Moore's showmanship.

So, the question is, just where do the ideas for dance moves come from?

'I just try to have fun out there and keep it fresh,' Moore said. 'Obviously people on Twitter always give me things that they want me to try to do out there. I just try to please the audience as much as I can.'

He's pleasing more than those in the stands.

'I look forward to them,' Saints left guard Carl Nicks said. 'You never know what it's going to be. He's creative.'

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