Jim Henderson / Sports Director

The hour was late. Deadlines were fast approaching, or recently past. Family and friends were waiting patiently as Monday night became Tuesday morning.

And yet no one was anxious to leave the euphoria that embraced the Saints locker room and the adjacent interview room too quickly.

For the players, the local media, and the fans of the former, we all just wanted to linger in the embrace of a special night a little longer and to share it with the 'special man.'

Drew Brees made that clear on this night as he has made it clear with his words and deeds since his arrival. We all share in this as his teammates, as his fellow New Orleanians.

One of the great many things about New Orleans is its intimacy. We don't just watch our quarterback on our TV or from the stands, we get to know him if only fleetingly, as a neighbor on the jogging path at Audubon Park or as a luncheon companion over a po-boy, or as a contributor to yet another civic endeavor.

We value who he is as much as what he does. And on both fronts, how could we wish for more? What Drew Brees has meant to this franchise can only be equaled by what he has meant to New Orleans.

How proud he has made us of our team and as the symbol of it and us, of our city and ourselves. The chants of 'MVP, MVP' that echoed in the Dome at the end of the game were for a Most Valuable Person as much as a Most Valuable Player.

No one was in a hurry to leave this warm cocoon of the evening for the chill of night. Sport at its very best allows us to escape the reality of everyday cares and concerns, if only for awhile. You savor such moments and last night's was one.

If you were there, you'll never forget it.

Drew Brees, holding the record-breaking ball aloft, pointing to the crowd in this city that he adopted and that adopted hm. There were tears of joy, of relief, of accomplishment, of remembrance for the journey, for those who shared in it and those that fate had left behind, welling in his eyes.

And we shared those as well.

The Christmas season is about creating memories lasting memories.

And now we have another courtesy of a man the record books and we will never forget.

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