Bill Capo / Action Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- All it took was a five minute boat ride for Captain John Pounders to show us how good fishing is in the Lafitte area.

The problem is, too few customers are chartering his boats.

'We're doing about one a week, two a week, that's it,' Pounders said. 'We should be doing at least five to six.'

Pounders operated Eccentric Charters in Lafitte for 21 years, with three boats, and two lodges for rent. It was a good business that still hasn't recovered from the oil spill.

'People don't want to come down here and fish and catch fish and eat. It is one of the problems,' explained Captain Jim Meynard. 'They're afraid of this oil spill.'

Meynard, an Eccentric Charters employee, applied to Ken Feinberg's Gulf Coast Claims Facility and received help, but not the company owner.

Just listen to Pounders read from the chain of emails he sent to Feinberg's group.

'Nov. 15, spoke to an adviser, and he told me we're close to settling this claim,' said Pounders. 'Jan. 9, it has been more than a year since we filed for our interim payment. Jan. 16, could you please help me with my claim?'

And when he finally gets a response?

'Jan. 19, your claim is currently under review,' said Pounders.

Once again, a fisherman suffers while waiting for help from Feinberg.

So I'm contacting his top aides, asking them to someone with Gulf Coast Claims Facility who can work this situation out, and get the captain the help he needs.

'Oh I catch fish at 90 percent, and getting help from him I get 10 percent, because all I get is denied,' said Pounders.

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