Doug Mouton / Northshore Bureau Chief

ROBER, La. Some camp owners along the Tangipahoa River will spend an anxious few days watching the river levels.

According to the National Weather Service, the Tangipahoa River will crest at 17.9 feet at midnight Tuesday in Robert. Eighteen feet is considered moderate flood stage.

Camp owners are monitoring those levels at the Hidden Oaks Campground, where the Tangipahoa River meets Highway 190 near Robert and where dozens of families, many from the westbank, have permanent camp sites, including the Chaissons from Bridge City.

'And as soon as you pull up on a Friday, everybody's here,' Tommie Chaisson said, describing Hidden Oaks. 'And they're helping you set up, take stuff out. Get things going. And it's just a great family area here.'

Monday, many of the road in Hidden Oaks continued to be covered in water as the Tangipahoa River rose towards it's crest, with varying predictions of the ultimate level.

'They went from 16 to 15. 17. 18,' Jerry Ford of Waggaman said. 'It's unpredictable.'

Tangipahoa Parish leaders said Monday at 18 feet the Tangipahoa River should not cause major flooding problems, but with more rain predicted later in the week, Hidden Oaks camp owners are concerned.

'We're worried, we're watching it,' Tommy Chaisson said. 'It's supposed to crest at 18? At 18, we're just about in a worry zone. So, we're watching.

'When they start saying 17,' Jerry Ford added, 'you don't know if it's going to be 18 or 19. That's the thing we've got to worry about. That's why we're staying out here now, to see what the water's actually going to do, so I can actually pull out or stay in. It's just, you don't know.'

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