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NEW ORLEANS - 'I saw two people dressed like they were going to get married,' said Piper Howard. 'I thought that was really cute.'

The weather was perfect for the annual Crescent City Classic in New Orleans.

The 10K race has become a city tradition on the Saturday before Easter.

This year, an estimated 21,000 runners, joggers and walkers participated in the event which closed many city streets for a time.

They winded their way from the French Quarter, through the oak-lined Esplanade Avenue of Mid-City, to City Park.

The Howard family lined the street, clapping as runners passed in front of their home.

Piper Howard's mother, Gretchen Howard, said, 'The pink girl bunnies were pretty cool. The first women runners are always a thrill for us. We've only lived here for about two years, so this is our second one. Next year, I think we're going to have to run it.'

There were plenty of athletes in the race, but just one Action Reporter.

'This is really a great morning,' said WWL-TV's Bill Capo. 'Got costumes, people on the side of the road cheering us on. People carrying ice chest full of beer in the race. It's New Orleans.'

There were fathers and sons.

'My son did an amazing job,' said Rodrick Singleton Jr., pointing to his young son Rodrick III. 'It was an amazing race. It was great times.'

'I like it a lot,' said Ronald Alphonso. 'I'll definitely do it next year. Me and my son will definitely do it next year.'

There were also dads and daughters.

'I did it with my 24-year-old daughter Kristen,' said Eyewitness News Legal Analyst Chick Foret. 'Of course she went way in front of me. I was just kind of enjoying the day.'

Youth Run NOLA paired about 100 kids with running buddies from the Young Leadership Council.

'It's about getting them off the streets,' said runner Paul Gallant. 'Keeping them out of trouble. But, it also about teaching them how to push themselves, how to get involved in constructive activities like running and sports and things like that.'

'I felt good,' said his young running mate, Kelan Jennings of Gentilly. 'I tried my hardest to push myself.'

When the race was finally over, that when the party started for the thousands of runners and walkers participating in this year's event. There was plenty of good food and music in City Park for their post-race cool down.

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