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BATONROUGE, La. - A proposal to change the way protests to the tickets issued by traffic cameras in New Orleans goes before the state legislature Tuesday.

It deals with a change in the appeals process that has left many people frustrated.

The traffic cameras have been controversial since they were first installed.

Currently if a driver gets a traffic camera ticket, and thinks it is unfair, the driver asks for an administrative hearing at the city's Parking Control Agency. If the driver doesn't like that, a suit can be filed in small claims court.

Two bills filed by Representative Jeff Arnold, D - New Orleans, are scheduled for debate in the house. They would set new regulations for appealing traffic camera tickets.

If a driver doesn't like the administrative hearing decision, under Arnold's bills, the driver could then take an appeal to traffic court.

If a driver doesn't agree with that decision, the appeal could then be taken to the first and second city courts. The bills allow the appeals to be heard not only on legal issues, but for those receiving the tickets to argue why they were wrongfully cited.

If the bills pass the house Tuesday, they would be sent to the senate.

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