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BOGALUSA, La. -- A massive road project is underway in Bogalusa.

'This is the first time in probably 20 years that this has taken place in our city,' City Councilwoman Wendy O'Quin-Perrette said Tuesday.

In phase one of the project, work crews will strip roughly 1.4 miles of city streets at a cost of $147,000.

Tuesday, crews stripped several inches of asphalt off Memphis Street, and people who live in Bogalusa call it 'long overdue.'

'It's a lot of other roads that's tore up,' Bogalusa's Britney Roberts said. 'It's causing the front end on your car to mess up and all of that, so I am glad they are working on them.'

'It's very exciting because as you drive through town, we had potholes you could stand in at one time,' Perrette said. 'We've patched and we've mended.'

As crews patched and mended over the years, they laid new asphalt on top of old asphalt. The rising height of the streets in Bogalusa caused drainage problems around town, because water could no longer run over streets in the directions of natural flow. Streets are now getting stripped down to their original height, down to the concrete.

Sewer and water lines lay under the concrete, and city leaders said those lines will be examined and repaired.

'Our streets have been in dilapidated condition for a long time,' Perrette said. 'We're really excited because this construction that's taking here place in the city of Bogalusa just shows that there's growth and movement taking place in our city.'

Phase one, the stripping of the streets, should be completed in roughly two weeks.

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