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On Friday afternoon, an announcement was made that Saints owner Tom Benson, former WWL-TV sportsdirectorJim Henderson and Saints fan favorite Deuce McAllister will be inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in September.

Steve Gleason will also behonored, with a special area at the Hall of Fame, named in his honor, which will feature the previous Joe Gemelli Fleur de Lis Award recipients. Henderson is this year's honoree.

Here were some of Gleason's comments during his acceptance speech:

  • 'With football, I never fit in quite perfectly. I was the linebacker in high school and college. So I had to find a way to fit in to the NFL. So I suppose it's no surprise that with the Hall of Fame I've had kind of a side entrance.'
  • 'Some thanks goes out to Mickey [Loomis]especially, because I think there were years where he had to think creatively as keep me around...that faith paid off.'
  • 'I dabbled into media after I retired. Just to be able to see him [Jim Henderson] and appreciate his work is very, very special to me. He is a great talent, but even more so, I think a great person. I would see him after games with ice on his knees and gashes on his arm and I'd be like 'Man, Jim's my hero.''
  • 'In the end, what we take away from football is more than blocked punts or Super Bowl rings. It's the people we come in contact with.'
  • 'I think Deuce is one of those people that I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with him...although on the practice field, sometimes felt unlucky.'
  • 'I don't think people realize the vision and determination and willingness to let people lead for him [Tom Benson.] Putting faith in Mickey and Sean[Payton]. There's a finesse to what this guy does.'
  • 'This organization has been woven into the fabric of this city. Luckily for me I get to share and enjoy all the beautiful parts of this city.'
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