Dennis Woltering / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS -- Doug Matthews says his 11-year-old dog Tipper was about 1 year old when it just kind of happened.

'All we did was put the CD in one day, and she started singing,' Matthews said. 'And we just thought, well, OK, she likes Aaron Neville, you know. So do I.'

He says she howls to a couple other Aaron Neville songs, but 'God On Our Side' is her favorite.

'It's his falsetto voice that gets her going,' Matthews said. 'I have no idea what she's thinking, but it certainly appears from time to time that she really feels it. She kind of gets into it.'

And like most other performers, the howling Aaron Neville fan the family calls Tipper Gorgeous enjoys the attention when the performance is over.

'After the song, she feels like, hey, check me out. I sang this song, what do you think?' Matthew said. 'Because she gets praise, and she seems to be kind of pleased with herself.'

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