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METAIRIE, La. Roman Harper has only spoken to former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams a couple of times since the NFL released its findings on the pay-for-performance program it alleged New Orleans to be running.

But in those conversations, Harper said he hasn't brought up the scandal with a man he labeled his 'good friend.'

'I will always remember Gregg and being a great motivator, a great coach, one of my good friends,' Harper said Wednesday. 'The things that he brought to this city and this team was a great attitude, he helped us win a championship and that will never be forgotten. When all this cloud and this dust clears, Gregg will always be remembered as one of the guys that helped us win a championship.'

Harper declined to talk specifically about the NFL investigation and when asked whether he either contributed to or received money from a pool, he said, 'No and no.'

But throughout the conversation, Harper defended Williams time and again.

He said there have been misconceptions about Williams from the outset of this brouhaha.

'I've said that a million time,' Harper said. 'Gregg is the biggest butthole ever but he's a great coach, though. He knows how to get guys playing fast, playing at a high level, he puts his player in position to make plays and that's what he wants you to do. He wants you to fly around and hit guys and play football the way it's meant to be played. I won't apologize for that and he shouldn't either.'

Harper added, 'It's unfortunate that everything has come down the way it is and everybody is pointing fingers and trying to say who did what. All we did was we wanted to play football and we won a championship doing it and there's no reason we should apologize for any of that. We won a lot of games doing it.'

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