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NEW ORLEANS - Confusion ruled over the extradition of a female suspect, Margaret Sanchez, into the murder of a New Orleans woman whose body parts were found along several Mississippi beaches.

Sanchez appeared for her second extradition hearing from Tangipahoa Parish, but Hancock County authorites said that they hadn't order an extradition. Sanchez will now stay in the Tangipahoa Parish Jail for the time being.

Hancock County authorities are checking into reports that a surveillance video shows murder victim Jaren Lockhart with Margaret Sanchez and Terry Speaks in Mississippi at a point in time after a video showed the three of them leaving a Bourbon Street strip club together.

Authorities are also looking into possible witnesses that may have seen the three together in Mississippi.

Family members are still dealing with the loss of Jaren and looking for answers.

'I'm trying to stay strong for my mom -- I know she needs me -- and for my sister,' said Lance Lockhart, Jaren's brother. 'She (Jaren) was always kind. She just loved everybody. There was no hate in her body,'

Sanchez and Speaks, 39, have been in custody since Tuesday night, when they were booked into the Tangipahoa Parish prison on charges unrelated to the killing of Jaren Lockhart.

They were arrested in Tangipahoa Tuesday night. Authorities pulled the two over after they left a party. They said Speaks bolted into the woods and U.S. Marshalls were called to find him.

'The Marshall's did capture him, came on scene, captured him a short time later in a wooded area,' said Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam. Hancock County is involved because some of Lockhart's remains were found there.

Speaks was transported to New Orleans Wednesday to face a federal judge on an unrelated matter. He's charged with failing to properly register as a sex offender after committing a sex crime in North Carolina. He was convicted of three counts of indecent liberty with a minor in 2003.

Federal agents have decided to hold him in St. Tammany Parish. Friday morning, a federal judge will decide whether to set bond.

'He gave a lot of aliases that tried to lead us off track, but his fingerprints were able to positively identify him,' said Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass.

Authorities said they were able to capture the two because tips started pouring in after a surveillance video went out. It shows the couple going into Temptations strip club on Bourbon Street, where Lockhart worked. Lockhart's dismembered body washed ashore several Mississippi beaches last week. Authorities believe the three knew each other and all worked in the french quarter.

'What business transaction or personal grievance they had, we're not sure at this point,' said Bass.

'All these people have in common is the Quarter. So we're hoping that with all these tapes and interviews that people from the Quarter, because it's a small close knit group, will come forward and give us some more information as well,' said Adam.

Meanwhile, Authorities said they're not sure where exactly Lockhart was murdered. They'll continue to investigate and they hope anyone with more information will come forward.

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