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Afamily medicine doctor was tired of seeing all the serious illness caused by people being overweight and diabetic. So he created a diet to re-set your metabolism and safely take off the pounds fast. And he says it all begins in the first 17 days.

It's a different way of dieting that family medicine doctor MikeMoreno says is helping millions lose weight and keep it off.

'Ithink the biggest reason why diets fail is because they're boring and the biggest thing is people plateau. People will say, 'You know,I started a diet andI started to lose weight and after about two to threeweeks, not only wasI bored eating the same thing, butI stopped losing weight.' And worse yet, people will start to gain weight,' said Dr. Mike Moreno, a family physician in San Diego.

So Dr.Moreno created meal plans in 17-day cycles that he says are designed to trigger rapid weight loss but without starvation and in a healthful way.

'After 17 days, which is thattwo to three week time frame, we switch things around and when we switch things around we add more food choices. We give you more options. We start to bring in carbohydrates.We start to make your metabolism work harder and keep your metabolism guessing so that calories continue to burn,' he explained.

He uses all the food groups and stresses people can't live off of the high protein, lowcarb diets that can cause people to pass out while exercising. He says timing withcarbs makes a difference in how the body uses them.

'There are so many things aboutcarbs that are necessary. We just have to choose the right ones. We have to integrate them at the right time of the day and we have to sort of reestablish the idea of moderation and portion control.If you were to eat some of these meals early on in the program, they may lead to sluggish feelings or they may lead to weight gain, but when you go through these 17 day cycles, and you get to the point where you can enjoy any and all of these foods, they don't affect you that way and in fact you get energy,' said Dr. Moreno.

The diet doesn't last for only17 days, it islifestyle for the rest of your life but it is designed in four eating cycles, accelerate, activate, achieve, and arrive.

'In 17 days when you can drop 10 or 12 pounds, and believe me that's an average and people are doing this all the time, but when you drop 10 or 12 pounds eating three andfour meals a day, consuming 1,200 or 1,500 calories a day and you're seeing these kind of improvements, people feel better. And when people say, 'You look great,' and you feel great, it motivates you,' he said.

Too many people talk about weight as it relates to looking thin or good in clothes,but he sees the diabetes,heart attacks, strokes, amputations, blindness, kidney disease and cancer that being overweight and not exercising cause. He also sees the depression and mood swings of not following a diet that keeps blood sugar stable.

Andpeople are keeping the weight off.

'Ihave a number of patients of my own that have lost over 100 pounds over the last year and a half, butI've had a lot of people who have lost 30, 40, and 50 pounds and have kept it off forsix months,eight months, a year, and they tell me, they say, 'You know,I don't really feel likeI'm on a diet anymore,' said Dr. Moreno.

All of the meals in The 17-Day Diet Cookbook can be made in less than 30 minutes.


There are 5 books in the diet series: The 17-Day Diet and The 17-Day Diet Cookbook and 3 others.

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E-mail from a viewer who had success:

Hello Meg, I saw your report tonight on the 17 day diet. I just wanted to add that my wife and I started this in January of 2011. I have lost over 100lbs and my wife has lost around 50lbs.

Dr. Mike is right when he says that once you get going on this it is no longer like your on a diet but rather this is what you eat now.... a paradigm shift if the way you think about food!! It really is exciting stuff, wish this would have been this easy 20 years ago.

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