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What do Drew Brees, the Navy SEALs, and a local mother of four all have in common?

They all credit the latest fitness craze with getting them in top shape.

People of all ages and fitness levels say it's making a difference.

'My muscles seemed like they were leaner because you would hold a position rather than always moving through it. My core, I felt stronger there,' said Cindy Piazza Schick, 51, a Pilates Instructor and TRX class member. She is the mother of four and is very toned.

'Man, I'm happy I did (join the class). My lower back pain really subsided. A lot stiffness in my neck went away,' said Frank Caracci, 37, a TRX class member.

It's called TRX for total resistance cross training (x-training). And it's done without the iron and machines using nothing more than suspended bands and ropes.

'With TRX, it allows you to be able to work multiple body parts at the same time. So with traditional strength training, you're isolating a muscle group maybe working your chest or your biceps, or may your back muscles. With TRX it forces you to work multiple body parts at the same time,' explained RJ Rice, The Parks Health and Fitness Owner and certified personal trainer.

No matter what area you're working, the mid-section is engaged. And any fitness expert will tell you in the gym or even just for daily living, core strength is king.

'You got your legs working and turned on. You got your core working and turned on. You got your upper body turned on almost in every single exercise that you do,' said Rebecca Galloway a TRX and Pilates Personal Trainer who teaches at The Parks in Lakeview.

The whole idea of suspension training was thought of by a Navy SEAL. He and his men were out on a mission where they could be out there for months at a time and they didn't have exercise equipment, but still need to train. All he had was parachute webbing hand stitched together and rubber boat repair tools and the idea of TRX was born.

And if you don't think the straps can change your body, maybe one famous man will convince you.

'I really started using TRX extensively during that 2006 off season throughout my rehabilitation process, and continue to use it today to put myself in the best position from a cardio standpoint and from a strength standpoint,' Saint Quarterback Drew Brees said in a YouTube video.

Brees credits TRX with rehabbing his injured shoulder before he became a Saint. And the rest is, of course, Super bowl MVP history.

And he still uses TRX.

Another man thought no way this was better than pumping iron. Then a personal fitness trainer, to whom he happens to be married, helped him see the light.

'Of course my wife telling me so I didn't believe much of what she said. But she was right of course as wives usually are,' said a very buff Caracci.

There's suspension training classes or the rip trainer. It's low impact, so it's easy on wear and tear on the body. TRX is meant to be taken anywhere and hooked to anything at home or on vacation, and by anyone.

'We've got people that, pro level athletes to people that are just getting back to working out or have never worked out and you can have those people in the same class,' said Rice.

The TRX workout can also be done by people of all ages.

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