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NEW ORLEANS -- With the negotiation window between the Saints and Drew Brees beginning to close, fans across the city are sounding off.

'Pay the man. He's record setting. Just pay him. Pay the man,' said Ed Bruski.

Mike Serio, owner of Serio's Po-Boys & Deli, agreed.

'If it would've been me, I think I would've signed Drew Brees as soon as the last game ended,' he said.

Monday at 3:00 p.m. is the deadline for the two sides to finalize a long-term contract, but Brees and the Saints are reportedly still not seeing eye-to-eye.

Thursday, a source told the Associated Press that the two sides are still about $10 million apart in guaranteed money, on a five-year deal expected to be worth close to $100 million.

'This is a unique situation. I've never seen it in the pre free agency world, in the post free agency world, you've never seen a star quarterback this long into a contract negotiation. So, it is unprecedented. Both sides are to blame here,' said NFL Analyst Mike Detillier.

However, while the impasse is creating plenty of anxiety for the Who Dats, Detillier wants to ease the worries.

'My thought, it's gonna get done. It may be 2:59 Monday before it gets done, but I think you'll see a long-term deal between the Saints and Drew Brees,' Detillier said. 'Hard feelings are there between both sides, there's no doubt about it. Once you cash that first check, everybody's gonna be happy.'

Fans like Sara Valashinas, a bartender at Tracey's Restaurant, said it's impossible to imagine the two sides not reaching an agreement.

'I think they have to. I mean, there's really no choice. If they don't, this city will be very mad,' she said.

Charles Hawkins, a tourist from San Diego, called Brees 'an icon for the NFL.'

'If it doesn't work out, I have no problem with him coming back to San Diego,' Hawkins joked.

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