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COVINGTON,La. -- A Northshore-based company struggling to bring hundreds of jobs and millions in tax money to Louisiana that it promised says it's back on track to do so.

Globalstar, a satellite-based communications company, came to Covington two years ago from California.

With the move came a helping financial hand from the state to move into the office building and tax credits for software development expenses.

That assistance was performance based, and the company met its new jobs goal fast, with more than 100 employees from Louisiana on the payroll before the end of 2011 deadline for that job count.

'Especially in today's national and world-wide environment, and this is a worldwide company, they perform, I think, very well,' said Brenda Reine Bertus, executive director of St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation.

But that beginners' luck wore off.

'We have not grown as quickly as we had hoped simply because we've been, we had a little trouble getting the satellites from our satellite manufacturer in March, so we're a little delayed,' said Barbee Ponder, Globalstar vice president of regulatory affairs.

Despite the launch of several satellites to support the company's network for products like these, legal troubles led to financial troubles, driving away employees and dropping the jobs count below the deal's requirement.

But Globalstar said the satellite issues are now resolved and its financial outlook is firing up. The parish is confident it will see the benefit.

'They've had their slumpsand their ups and they're back up again, taking care of any issues they've had. They're launching new satellites and so they'll be providing new jobs,' Bertus said.

Louisiana Economic Development says Globalstar has met its incentive commitments to the agency. The next deal deadline for the company is creating 200 jobs by the start of 2013.

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