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NEW ORLEANS Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard took $66,000 in bribes from a Kenner businessman in exchange for steering parish business his way, according to a superseding indictment charging Broussard with new bribery and conspiracy charges.

The six additional charges deal with an alleged bribery scheme involving Broussard, Wilkinson and a local business owner, identified as William Mack, the president of First Communications Company.

Mack was also charged in a one-count bill of information with conspiracy to commit bribery.

The superseding indictment charges Broussard and Wilkinson with conspiracy to commit bribery and charges Broussard with 5 counts of substantive bribery.

According to court documents,beginning in 2002, Mack allegedly began a business relationship with Broussard, who was then a Jefferson Parish councilman.

This relationship allegedly entailed Mack paying Broussard approximately $1,500 per month to steer work to his telecommunications company.The relationship continued when Broussard became parish president, prosecutors said.

'During the time Broussard was Parish President, Mack paid him approximately $66,000, in exchange for, among other things, Jefferson Parish telecommunications work, collectively worth approximately $40,000,' according to prosecutors.

This is in addition to the alleged scheme in which Broussard and Wilkinson were previously charged, involving payroll fraud and a paralegal supervisor position given to Broussard's ex-wife, Karen Parker.

Broussard and Wilkinson were previously charged with 38 counts of conspiracy and theft for the Parker scheme.

She has already pleaded guilty to her role in the scheme.Broussard's former chief administrative officer Tim Whitmer has also pleaded guilty to crimes involving parish government.

Broussard and Wilkinson are set for trial in October.

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