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METAIRIE, La. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham watched as Anthony Davis and LeBron James won an Olympic gold medal in London and could do nothing to hide his jealousy.

'I've been talking all Olympics about my gold medal envy,' Graham said.

Thanks to Cox Sports Television reporter Mike Nabors, Graham got his medal, albeit a smaller one. But while those in London got medals with Olympic pressing, Graham's had a sticker with the word excellent imprinted on it.

CST polled teammates about who would make the best Olympian and time and again, Graham's name came up.

'This is my gold medal for I'm not sure what event,' Graham said Thursday, the medal hanging from his neck on a red ribbon.

Thinking back to his days dominating the sand in Miami playing beach volleyball, Graham guessed that would be his event. Or indoor volleyball. Or swimming.

He even supposed that he could run a little track if it came down to it.

'I think I could run a little bit of track, maybe a little bit of Usain Bolt,' Graham joked. 'But I'd have to lose about 40 pounds. I'm about 270 right now.'

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