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ARABI, La. -- A wave of Plaquemines Parish residents arrived in Arabi on Tuesday night, left homeless by Hurricane Isaac.

Thousands of people were sent to shelters in other parts of the state and now more than 200 are closer to home.

'I can't get into my house right now. It's totaled. My house is totaled,' said Griffin. 'It'll be alright.'

On Tuesday night the Plaquemines Parish woman arrived in Arabi with other hurricane evacuees. The group of 70 were greeted by New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond.

Griffin said her cats woke her up last Wednesday morning as waist-deep flood water filled her house. She can't swim.

'I went up a pole and a log was floating by. I got on a log to get to the Belle Chase levee itself. When I got to the levee, I was barefoot and I felt the grass at the bottom. I climbed up the levee and there were EMTs in the truck and they got me all dried off and checked my vitals and everything,' said Griffin.

Many of these evacuees say Hurricane Isaac caught them by surprise. They've spent the last week at shelters in Shreveport and Alexandria, uncertain about what they will return to once the storm water recedes.

'I didn't think we'd be gone this long but its not like we're lost. We're just frustrated with all the stuff we had to go through,' said evacuee Lennix Battle.

Now about 200 people are calling 'Camp Hope' home. The Catholic Charities shelter is complete with hot meals, showers, counseling and case managers.

'As soon as we heard that the evacuees were coming back to the area, we immediately said lets take them at Camp Hope because it's nearer to where they live,' Aymond said.

A temporary fix for Hurricane Isaac evacuees with just one wish.

'There's no place like home,' said Donna Battle.

Catholic Charities said the evacuees at Camp Hope will likely stay there for at least two weeks.

'I live in Braithwaite -- well, I did live in Braithwaite. I'm not going back there. It's not safe,' said Cathleen Griffin, who believes her home is no more.

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