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Affidavits signed by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and former assistant defensive assistant Mike Cerullo surfaced Tuesday in a story for USA TODAY by Mike Garafolo.

The affidavits are reported to be the documents presented to Jonathan Vilma during his meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday.

According to ESPN, both Williams and Cerullo received subpoenas by Peter Ginsburg, the lawyer for Vilma.

According to one document, Cerullo admits to collecting $10,000 from Vilma who had pledged the bounty to knock quarterbacks Kurt Warner or Brett Favre out of playoff games in 2009. Cerullo was directed by Williams to handle the cash.

In Williams' statement, the former coach states, 'I was never given any money because of a pledge related to the injury of a particular player, because I administered funds related to the pay for performance pool.'

Questions about Cerullo's credibility have popped up since his name became public.

The NFL released a statement Tuesday, answering those questions by saying Cerullo's statements all have been backed up by credible sources.

'Mike Cerullo should be commended for coming forward,' the statement said. 'The information and detail he provided was credible and has since been confirmed in numerous respects both by other witnesses and by supporting documents.

'It is unfortunate that some have sought to unfairly attack his integrity rather than give attention to the substance of his declaration.'

Cerullo worked for the Saints from 2007 through the 2009 Super Bowl season, working his first two years with the offense before moving to assisting the linebackers and defensive staff.

He has had three jobs since, working at the University of Miami and the University of Connecticut in 2010 and 2011. He currently works at Princeton University as the Director of Football Operations.'

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