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NEW ORLEANS -- Saints quarterback Drew Brees set another NFL record tonight in front of a national TV audience and coach Sean Payton, who got special permission to be with the fans in the 'Dome.

But just as excited were all the Who Dats who fanned out across the city in local sports bars to see the historic moment.

Most of the people watching the game at Tracey's in the Garden District weren't even born when Johnny Unitas set the record of 47 games straight with a touchdown pass. Now, 52 years later, the anticipation in the room is palpable.

'We're so excited that Sean Payton's going to be there to see him break the record,' said Heather Lanier.

'We watched him throw a touchdown pass in every single game and we just can't wait for this game,' said Scott Hyder.

And they didn't have to wait long. At the end of the first quarter, the gift. The entire room stood up and screamed and cheered and clapped.

And the excitement crossed generations.

'This is the greatest thing in the city and the world. I think he's fabulous,' said John Hernandez very enthusiastically.

'He deserves it. He really deserves it. He's a great guy,' said John's wife, Ethel Hernandez.

'That is incredible. Drew Brees is the man. He's amazing. He's probably my role model,' said Sergio Midencey.

'Everybody knows who Johnny Unitas was. Guess what? Drew Brees broke his record. So he's better than Johnny Unitas. What does that say about the history of the Saints that they're making right now? This is history. We're gonna win this thing right now. Go Saints. Yeah,' yelled Patrick Niddrie.

And there are two other interesting things about this game tonight. Drew Brees wrote the NFL commissioner and asked him if Sean Payton could be there. And he was there to see the record-breaking pass. And he also exchanged letters with the Unitas family. Members said they couldn't think of anyone better to break their dad's record, because Brees, like their dad, is a humanitarian, a role model and a family man.

Another bond that ties all Who Dats together, and reason to be proud to call Drew Brees our own.

Brees already owns other NFL records. One is for the highest number of yards passing in a season, and the other is for the highest completion percentage in one season.

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