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NEW ORLEANS -- Dorothy Brooks was happy to return after Katrina to the Lower 9th Ward house she has called home for the last decade.

But now the house next door is collapsing, and it is falling towards hers.

'Very frightened, because I'm not sure when it's going to collapse, and from the appearance of it, it can go at any given time,' Dorothy said. 'My house is going to cave in.'

She said the house next door has been abandoned since Katrina. Now most of the roof has collapsed, the side wall has pulled away from the front wall, and is leaning dangerously close to Dorothy's home.

She said the process accelerated after Hurricane Isaac a month ago.

'It had to have been the second or third when the house actually started leaning, and from that day it has gotten worse, and every day you can hear it cracking where it is constantly coming apart.'

She said she called the city repeatedly.

'Maybe last week is when I stopped calling ... because I wasn't getting any results.'

The abandoned house is leaning so much now it is only about 4 feet away from Dorothy's house at this point. In fact, to stand right here is undoubtedly dangerous.

So I'm contacting the mayor's office, asking them to get city inspectors out here as soon as possible, and issue an emergency declaration to get this house taken down as quickly as possible, before it falls on hers.

'How quickly does this building need to come down? As soon as possible,' said Dorothy. 'Today if possible.'

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