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NEW ORLEANS-- Outside his Lakeview home, Lee LaFleur notices them everywhere.

'It's hard to figure out why they get bad,' he said. 'Normally, this time of year, you wouldn't notice it as much -- there's not standing water, it's not summertime. But it seems to be pretty bad.'

What is bad, he and others say, are mosquitoes, which have been aggressive and biting as of late. Lee said he noticed them in particular on Halloween night, and so did his 6-year-old daughter, Abby.

'I got three bites on my face and it itched,' she said, pointing to the bites on her face. 'And they're biting me right now!'

So what is behind their seemingly sudden re-emergence? Sara Michaels is an entomologist with the New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board.

'They were probably taking resting sites maybe in vegetation, under homes, and with the warm temperatures yesterday, they started to come out,' Michaels said.

That set up an intersection of pests and people, with most mosquitoes now coming in from nearby swamp and marshes, as opposed to standing water. As for the risk of contracting West Nile Virus, experts say, it should begin diminishing.

'At this point in the year, the virus activity has really decreased,' Michaels said. 'It's very small, but we still want people to wear repellent when appropriate and when needed.'

If that doesn't work, others have their own way of dealing with the biting bugs.

'I usually slap them,' Abby said.

New Orleans Mosquito Control said they will continue monitoring the mosquito population numbers and said they will start spraying, if need be.

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