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NEWORLEANS - When Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines residents head to the polls Tuesday, they'll have a big decision to make - should drivers still have to pay $1 to cross the Crescent City Connection.

The tolls are set to expire December 31, unless voters decide to renew the tolls for the next 20 years.

State Representative Pat Connick has been campaigning against the tolls for four years.

'In 2008, I was elected to be a legislator in Baton Rouge, and I started digging into this. Every contract you looked at, every issue you looked at, there was a problem, major problem,' Connick said.

The toll money would be used for bridge lighting, maintenance, litter pickup and more, something proponents of renewal claim cannot be done without funding from toll collection.

'The tolls currently fund over 22 police officers on that bridge. That cannot be replicated if these tolls go away. In addition to that, the landscaping, the maintenance, the lighting - that will all go away. It's not just on this span of the bridge. It's for over 13 miles,' said New Orleans City Council Member Kristin Giselson Palmer, who represents District C.

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