Saints superstar Drew Brees and his wife Brittany will bring a littlemoreexposurefor their adopted hometown on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when CBSprofiles the couple on aprimetime network special, 'Person to Person.'

Brees and his wife will be featured, giving viewers a tour of their Uptown home, on the interview show hosted by Charlie Rose and Lara Logan, which is modeled on the Edward R. Murrow program of the same name from the 1950s.

Also featured in the episode airing Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. on WWL-TV and CBS will be singer Alicia Keys and actor Sean Penn.

'Brees, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, and his wife Brittany take viewers inside their New Orleans home. Viewers will also meet the Brees' three children,'says a CBSpress release.

'Set to be broadcast the night after Thanksgiving, PERSON TO PERSON will give these top newsmakers a chance to talk about what their most important places mean to them and to share life-changing stories with viewers.'

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