NEW ORLEANS Police are looking for at least two men who pulled off a brazen robbery where they used a pickup truck and a chain to pull an ATM out of a business.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning at Soprano's Grocery Store in the 2700 block of Ursulines Avenue.

According to police, the men backed up the truck into the store's parking lot and used a chain and the truck to pull open the front door, at which time they hooked the chain to the ATM machine and with the truck, yanked it out of the wall.

The video then shows the men lifting the machine into the bed of the pickup and driving off.

One subject is described as a Caucasian male wearing a 'boonie' style hat, a scarf and a black leather jacket.

The driver is described as a Caucasian male, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and black jeans with designs on the rear pockets.

The truck is described as having black rims, dark tinted windows and individual nerf bars below each door.

The truck used in the robbery was found Friday morning in the 2600 block of Florida Avenue, where it had been abandoned, and according to police, the truck was stolen from Jefferson Parish on Tuesday. A citizen recognized the truck after seeing it on the news Thursday evening.

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